Situated on the northeastern coast of Jamaica in Ocho Rios, Harmony Hall Art Gallery is a symbol of Jamaica’s rich artistic heritage, playing a pivotal role in showcasing the work of local artists and contributing significantly to the island’s cultural landscape.

Harmony Hall was originally built in the late 19th century as a Methodist manse and is a prime example of Jamaican Georgian architecture. The building underwent several changes in ownership and use over the decades before it was purchased in 1980 by Annabella and Peter Proudlock, proprietors of the Tower Isle Hotel, with the purpose of transforming it into an art gallery.

Following a painstaking restoration, Harmony Hall was reopened in 1981 as an art gallery, instantly becoming a significant platform for the diverse range of artistic expression found within Jamaica. Over the years, it has championed the work of numerous artists, from celebrated masters to up-and-coming talent, across a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, and more.

In addition to displaying a broad range of contemporary Jamaican art, Harmony Hall also dedicates space to traditional arts and crafts, particularly those made by the country’s indigenous and Maroon communities. This commitment to a holistic representation of Jamaican creativity has earned Harmony Hall a reputation for not just being an art gallery, but a cultural institution.

One of the most anticipated annual events held by Harmony Hall is the Christmas exhibition, which unveils new works by selected artists. This exhibition, which dates back to the gallery’s founding, is a major event on the Jamaican cultural calendar, attracting both local and international art enthusiasts.

Today, Harmony Hall Art Gallery continues to be a beacon for Jamaican arts and culture. The gallery’s picturesque setting, complete with its beautiful gingerbread fretwork and wrap-around veranda, combined with its eclectic array of art, makes it a must-visit destination for any art lover or anyone interested in Jamaican culture.

The legacy of Harmony Hall extends beyond its walls, as it has helped shape the perception of Jamaican art both locally and internationally. By championing Jamaican artists and providing a platform for their work, Harmony Hall has played a significant role in bringing the island’s vibrant and diverse artistic expression to the fore.

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