One day Anansi was walking an’ walk till he go into a wood and see a man have a barbecue[1]–plenty of meat. An’ him go an’ say, “Hi, Brar! how you do?” Man no ‘peak. “Brar, you have plenty of meat an’ you want some one fe ‘top wid you?” Man no ‘peak. Say, “Brar, gi’ me little breakfas’ now?” Man no ‘peak. Say, “Oh, Brar, you no talk, but me going to tak litt’e fe me breakfas’.” Man no ‘peak. Nansi go up on barbecue say, “Brar say me mus’ tak meat.” No ‘peak to him yet. Tak de meat an’ say, ‘Brar, gi’ me you pot?” Man no ‘peak to him. Say, “Brar, mus’ put on yo’ pot go get meat.” Man no ‘peak. Put on de pot an’ go on de barbecue fetch meat. When he cook done, tak him bag, load up, say, “Brar, me gwine now.” Man no ‘peak. “To-morrow I come back see you, an’ I see you need servant an’ I going to bring one of me daughter.” No ‘peak.

De nex’ day say, “Wife, I go in Dead country an’ buck up Brar Dead. Have plenty of meat. Gwine a carry me daughter down to country to work for him an’ cook for him.” Daughter name Sindy. When he go again, Dead sit down got him comb combing hair, long hair cover him face. Say, “Brar Dead, I promise bring a servant for you, but him hungry so me going to tak me eat.” Dead no ‘peak. An’ tak de jug, put on pot, tak water, an’ go up on barbecue tak meat an’ him cook, say, “Brar Dead, I gwine, but I coming back to-morrow.” An’ go back say, ‘Enough meat dar, an’ Brar say come back to-morrow.” Nex’ day come back. Dead no say one word, got long bow an’ arrow in hand. Don’t see him daughter, Go up on barbecue an’ see him daughter finger have a ring. Say, “I mak you ‘peak t’-day!” An’ tak Dead hair

and tak one long pla’t tie heah, and tak one long pla’t tie deah, and tak two pla’t behind tie up on tree. An’ as him gwine away, pile up dry trash an’ light up de head wid fire. Dead shake head when de plat’ burn off; and shake again, de odder pla’t pop off; an’ tak up him bow an’ arrow an’ run after Anansi.

Run up to house an’ say, “Wife an’ pickney, go up alof’, Brar Dead dah come!” Brar Dead come in sit down so in de house wait ‘pon dem. Pickney cry out, “Pupa, me hungry!” Say, “Brar Dead, open you han’, pickney a come!” Six pickney now, de las one come, say can’t do any more. Now Mrs. Anansi cry out, “Brar Dead, open yo’ han’, me a come!” Anansi drop now, drop in de dirt. From dat time you see Anansi live in de dirt.

Goat plant his plantain tree an’ when it begun to bear he go an’ look at it, an’ when he look at it he say it will soon fit. The nex’ day he go again an’ say, “It is fit; it will soon ripe!” An’ the nex’ day when he come to cut it, Br’er Nansi cut it an’ eat it. Br’er Goat said, “Baa-a-a, where’s me plantain?” He go to Anansi house an’ Anansi an’ his wife an’ two children run up in housetop. Br’er Goat wait down below. Anansi daughter said she was tired, wanted to drop on the groun’ an’ she drop an’ Goat cut her up an’ put her in his tread-bag, an’ he said, “Baa-a-a, here’s me plantain!” Anansi son say he wanted to drop an’ he drop. An’ Br’er Goat cut him up an’ put him in his tread-bag, an’ he said, “Baa-a-a, here’s me plantain!” An’ Anansi wife say, “I want to drop!” an’ she drop an’ Goat cut her up an’ put her in the tread-bag, an’ said, “Baa-a-a, here’s me plantain!”

An’ Br’er Anansi said, “As I’m so fat, sprinkle some ashes on the groun’ an’ when I drop I won’t mash.” An’ Br’er Goat sprinkle it on the groun’ an’ Anansi drop an’ the ashes fly up in Goat face an’ blind him. An’ Br’er Nansi keep the plantain-tree for himself an’ when it bear, he eat it.

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