Anansi the spider had a sweet tooth. One day, he smelled something sweet coming from the house of his friend, Bear. He followed the smell and found Bear with a jar full of honey.

Anansi loved honey more than anything else and begged Bear to give him some. Bear, being a good friend, agreed, but on one condition. Anansi would have to promise to share the honey with the other animals in the forest.

Anansi agreed, but as soon as he got the honey jar, he ran away to his house, planning to eat all the honey himself. He thought he was very clever to have tricked Bear.

However, the honey jar was sealed very tightly. Anansi tried everything he could to open it but to no avail. While he was struggling with the jar, there was a knock on his door. It was Bear.

Bear had come to see if Anansi had shared the honey as promised. Seeing Anansi with the still sealed jar, Bear realized what Anansi had been planning to do. Anansi was ashamed and could not meet Bear’s eyes.

Bear, being wise and kind, forgave Anansi but took the honey jar back. He opened it easily, for the jar had a trick opening that only Bear knew about. Bear then shared the honey with all the animals in the forest, leaving Anansi with none.

From that day on, Anansi learned to be honest and to keep his promises. And he also learned that being selfish does not pay.

This story once again demonstrates Anansi’s trickster nature and the lessons he often learns about honesty, fairness, and the importance of sharing with others.

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