One day, Anansi the spider was walking through the forest when he found a magic stick lying on the ground. The stick had the power to do any work commanded to it.

Anansi was thrilled. He took the stick home and commanded it to do all his chores. The stick washed his dishes, cleaned his house, and even cooked his meals. Anansi was delighted that he could be so lazy and yet have all his work done.

One day, Anansi decided to visit his friend Rabbit. He left the magic stick at home, forgetting to command it to stop working. The stick kept cleaning, and cleaning, and cleaning.

While Anansi was at Rabbit’s house, he bragged about his magic stick. Rabbit, however, was suspicious and decided to check it out for himself. He excused himself and went to Anansi’s house.

When Rabbit arrived at Anansi’s house, he found it in chaos. The stick had cleaned so much that it had started to ruin everything. It had washed the dishes until they were broken, scrubbed the floors until they were bare, and cooked so much food that it was overflowing.

Rabbit quickly commanded the stick to stop. When Anansi returned home, he was shocked to see the mess. Rabbit explained what had happened and reminded Anansi about the importance of responsibility.

Anansi learned his lesson that day. He realized that magic and shortcuts were not the answer to his laziness. From then on, Anansi took care of his own chores and never forgot the importance of responsibility again.

This Anansi story teaches a valuable lesson about responsibility and the dangers of laziness and over-reliance on magic or shortcuts.

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