In a village in Jamaica, Anansi the spider had a reputation for being smart and cunning. One day, he decided he wanted to own all the stories in the world.

Anansi went to Nyame, the Sky God, who owned all the stories. He asked Nyame to give him the stories. Nyame laughed at Anansi’s audacity but was intrigued. “If you can complete three tasks for me,” he said, “I will give you all the stories.”

Anansi agreed eagerly. For his first task, Anansi had to catch Onini the python, who was as wide as a coconut tree and longer than the river. Using his wit, Anansi tricked the python into lying straight to measure his length against a bamboo pole, and then tied him up.

For the second task, Anansi had to catch the leopard, Osebo, who had teeth as sharp as machetes. Anansi dug a deep hole in the ground and lured Osebo into it, capturing him.

The third task was the hardest. Anansi had to catch the Mmoatia, the invisible fairy who was as elusive as the wind. Anansi carved a doll and covered it with sticky gum. He placed the doll under the tree where the Mmoatia liked to dance and put a bowl of yam paste beside it. When the Mmoatia came and took the paste, she thanked the doll. When the doll did not respond, thinking it was rude, she hit it and got stuck.

Anansi had completed all the tasks. Impressed, Nyame kept his word and gave all the stories to Anansi. Since then, they have been known as Anansi stories, teaching us valuable lessons through the cunning and clever spider’s adventures.

This story is a popular Anansi tale, explaining how Anansi’s stories came into being and demonstrating Anansi’s cleverness and cunning to outsmart others.

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