Once upon a time in a small village in Jamaica, Anansi the spider had a reputation for being very wise. His cleverness was known far and wide, and the villagers often came to him for advice.

One day, Anansi thought, “If I could gather all the wisdom in the world and keep it for myself, I would be the most powerful creature.”

So, Anansi set out to collect all the wisdom in the world. He crafted a large pot and started filling it with all the wisdom he could find. He asked the old and young, the tall and small, until he felt he had collected all the wisdom there was.

Anansi decided to hide the pot at the top of the tallest tree in the forest, where no one could reach it. With the pot tied to his stomach, he started climbing the tree. But with the pot in front of him, Anansi found it difficult to climb.

His young son, watching his struggles, suggested, “Father, why don’t you tie the pot to your back? That way you could climb the tree easily.”

Anansi paused and realized that his son was right. He felt embarrassed that he hadn’t thought of that himself. After all, he was supposed to be the wisest creature.

It dawned on Anansi that while he was so busy collecting wisdom, he had ignored the fact that everyone, including his young son, had wisdom to share. In his quest to hoard all wisdom, he had actually become less wise.

Feeling humiliated and defeated, Anansi let the pot slip from his grasp, and as it hit the ground, it burst open, scattering pieces of wisdom everywhere.

From that day on, wisdom was no longer concentrated in one place or one individual. It was spread all over the world for everyone to share, and Anansi learned a valuable lesson about the true meaning of wisdom.

This story is a classic Anansi tale, teaching us about the value of shared wisdom and the folly of arrogance.

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