After a hard day at work Puncie arrived home and walked into her bedroom to find her husband in bed with another woman. The woman was asleep but Puncie’s husband was awake and shaking with Fear of what Puncie would do.

Puncie spun around and headed for the kitchen to grab a knife. Her husband jumped out of bed to follow her. He grabbed her and said, “Puncie, me lub,me sarry”. Puncie replied, “yu no sarry yet. Wait til mi don wid har. Den yu wi sarry!” Puncie’s husband said, “lawd Puncie man, no gwane so. Beg yu please no hurt har. Yu see dat nice Maxima wey we drive? a she buy it gi mi.Yu si yu weddin ban an diaman ringpan yu finga, a fi har money me tek buy it gi yu. An a wey yu tink me get de money fi pay di magage dis month?” Puncie stopped for a few seconds to think then replied, “Den cova har up no? We no want har fi kech cole!!”

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