Some men were working on a construction site. The job for the day was to carry building blocks from a delivery truck parked on the road to the place on the site they would be laid. All the men not wishing to strain themselves – especially their backs – were carrying two blocks each – well almost all.

One ‘gladdis’ who was always trying to impress the boss, face contorted with effort, staggered around the corner with six bricks, nearly colliding with a co-worker. After the job was finished, the co-worker said to the ‘six-block-man’:

“Tell me John, you is 32 years old, no true?”.
Surprised, John replied: “Fi real, Killa, de man have judgement star. How yuh guess dat?”
“A no guess mi guess,” Killa declared, “Is simple Maths.”
“Wha’ kine a Maths inna dat?” John demanded.
“Well”, Killa replied, “me have a bredda whe is 16 year ole an im is a half eediat, so if yu a carry 6 brick one time yuh is a full eediat!!”

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