Fidel Castro of Cuba, Maurice Bishop of Grenada and Michael Manley of Jamaica were returning from a meeting with Mikael Gorbachev in Moscow in the late 1970s. However, there was a powercut over the entire Caribbean, so the pilot of the plane they were in could not identify which country they were over so the plane could land.

The three leaders reassured him that they could identify their respective nations, as long as he opened a window. This the pilot immediately did. After flying for a while, Castro shouted: “Si! This is my beloved Cuba. I smell the sugar!” The pilot then located the landing strip, let off Castro and took off again. Bishop then erupted: “There she is, my spice island. Smell that nutmeg!” The pilot landed, let off Bishop and took off again, with only Manley on board. “What about you sir?”, he enquired, “How are you going to identify your country?” “Everything is under control” Manley replied. He then stuck his hand with a $50,000 gold watch outside the window. When he took it back in, the watch was gone. “We’re over Jamaica!” he announced.

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