Jah Will Save Me

A small village some miles away experienced heavy rains. A rastafarian’s home was flooded out. On the roof the rastafarian prayed to Jah to save him. Feeling sure that his prayer would be answered he waited patiently.

After a few minutes some men came in a boat and asked him if he needed help. To this he replied: “Jah will save I and I.” So the boat left.

A few minutes passed then a plane came to aid the dread followed by a helicopter, and each time the Ras replied: “Jah will save di I.”

Alas, the Ras drowned. When he was resurrected and met Jah in heaven he asked: “Jah, why yuh mek mi drown? You never hear mi prayer?”

“Of course mi hear, dat is why mi send boat, plane and helicopter fi yuh.”

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