Trevor and Tony are walking home from Greater Portmore to Waterford after a night of drinking. They have no money to get a taxi and are staggering all over the place when they find themselves outside the bus depot. Trevor has an idea and says to Tony: “Go in deh and tief a bus so we can drive home and mi wi stay out ya and watch out fi di police”.

Tony duly breaks into the garage and is gone for twenty minutes while Trevor is wondering what the hell he is doing so long.

Eventually Trevor sticks his head around the wall and sees Tony running from bus to bus and looking very worried.

“What di hell you a do Tony, move it!”
To which Tony replies “Mi caan find a Waterford bus anywhere Trevor!”
Where upon Trevor, holding his hands to his head in disbelief, shouts “Yu stupid idiot Tony, tief a rassklawt downtown bus and mek wi get off at the T-Junction and walk di rest of di way!”

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