St. Peter came to the Lord and said, “Lord, I have to talk to you. I have a problem. I know we have affirmative action and we are supposed to have 20,000 Jamaicans in heaven. But they are causing so many problems!

They have torn down the Pearly Gates by swinging on them. They have stolen my horn. They have gotten jerk sauce all over their white robes. Drumpan chicken is being sold all over the Streets of Gold. Some are walking around with only one wing because they are “styling”. Angels must have two wings to fly!

The white robes are eternal and must be washed five times a day. Some haven’t washed their robes since they arrived because they don’t do “day’s work”. Many who came here because they used salt are still using it because they don’t like “ital” food. Some have refused to take their turn in helping keep the Stairway to Heaven clean. Some refuse to wear their halos because they don’t fit right over their hairstyles. Reggae music is blasted at all hours of night at their “bashments”, disturbing all the other residents. They have planted marijuana in the Garden of Eden since the soil is so fertile.

What should I do?!” The Lord said, “It wouldn’t be fair to not let Jamaicans in heaven. They have just as much right to be here as other nationalities. Maybe we just don’t know how to deal with them; maybe we are using the wrong approach. We need to check with someone who has more experience dealing with them. Let’s call the Devil.”

The Devil answered the phone and said, “Hello, Lord. What can I do for you?” The Lord said, “We have a problem up here, and we’d like to talk to you about it.” The Devil said, “Just a minute, I’ve got to put you on hold.” The Devil was gone five minutes. He came back to the phone and said, “OK Lord, I’m back. What’s up?” The Lord said, “Well, I would like to talk to you about a problem up here.” Once again the Devil excused himself and put the Lord on hold. This time he was gone for fifteen minutes. Finally, the Devil came back to the phone and said, “Lord, I am really sorry, but I can’t talk to you right now. I have to go. These damm Jamaicans down here … They have just put out the fire!”

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