A man went to a travel agency in a panic, demanding that the travel agent write him a ticket to jeopardy, as he needed to get there ASAP (As Soon As Possible). Thinking that she had not heard the man correctly, the lady asked him to repeat his proposed destination, to which he replied: ‘lady, mi hah fi get to Jeopardy’. The agent, still feeling quite perplexed by the man’s request yet noting his agitated state, decided to search her airline computers on the chance that she may find such a listing, but her fears were soon realised when the computer came up with a blank as an answer. Her attempts to scan the Official Airline Guide for a routing proved futile also and by this time the man had begun to pace the floor. “Sir”, the agent beckoned to the man, “I have exhausted all my contacts and cannot find this ‘Jeopardy’ that you say you must get to. Are you absolutely sure you have the correct name?” she enquired in exasperation as the man came to sit by her. “Lady”, he replied, “Mi hear over the radio that over 5000 jobs will be in JEOPARDY an’ a deh mi waan fi go!”


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